Poultry Farming

Large poultry farms producing dairy foods in large quantity for resellers, retailers, food processing companies, and consumers alike

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Processed Frozen Chicken

At Saliha Farms, We don't just rear birds, we also process frozen foods under industrial standardized Hygienic environment for consumers and resellers alike

Fish Farming

Our fish farms provides adequate fingerlings for those who intend to start fish farming business and enough adult for retailers and consumers

Eggs and Dairy Products

Our large poultry farms are capable of providing a substantial amount of dairy eggs as well as broilers, layers, day-olds etc.

Vegetables, Crops, and Fruits

Vegetables, food crops like maize, yam tubbers etc, cash crops like cashewnuts, groundnuts, palmoil nad palm kernnel, and fruits all available

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Saliha Farms is moving forward with highly productive and sustainable farming operations in a world faced with challenges in food shortage


Who We AreWhat We DoOur Values

hen_200Saliha Farms is an integrated farm  spread over a land area of more than 350 hectares comprising of  Poultry Farms, Grains and Crops field, Citrus and Fruit Farms, Fish Farms, Livestock Feed Mill, Plantations, and State-of-the-art Dairy Foods Processing Factory. The farm is full standardized and operates strictly in compliance with ISO 2000 standards.

This is a close-up of vegetables and fruits.We are Saliha Farms, we produce livestocks, dairy products such as processed frozen chicken, day old chicks, Eggs, etc, we also produce livestock feeds. We produce live fishes, fingerlings, Cash Crops, Food Crops, Vegetables and Fruits alike all in large quantities.

This is a close-up of vegetables and fruits.At Saliha Farms, we are committed to serve our clients and customers with integrity and open minded. We value consistency, customer satisfaction, environmental safety and community service. Our Mission is  to be recognized as the premier Farm in Nigeria for providing superior value to our customers, unparalleled employee satisfaction, and continuous support to our community.


Capacity Range

Customer Satisfaction 95%
Farm Productions & Distribution 92%
Revolutionized Farming 88%
Storage & Preservation 83%
Processing & Packaging 80%

Take advantage of our revolutionized farming and get more value for less!

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